Fearless Picks - Temple

This year's penultimate game won't shuffle our standings, as everyone has the Mountaineers on top in the regular season finale. Bowl game picks, however, promise to be a different matter.


Last Wk: W
Season 8-3

Only the Temple Owls stand between West Virginia and a share of the Big East championship. Listening to players and coaches, it would be easy to think this Temple team was on its way to a BCS berth of its own. All week the talk has been about how good Temple is and how the Mountaineers cannot overlook Bobby Wallace's club. I agree that this team is much improved and is playing its best football late in the year, but the fact remains that this squad holds a 1-10 record, with the only win coming at Middle Tennessee State in front of a roaring crowd of 13,829. This is Mountaineer Field and West Virginia, not Middle Tennessee State, or even the VT Chokies. Temple standing in the way of the title is like three ushers in yellow jackets standing in the way of thousands of WVU students trying to get on the field. The Mountaineers won't be stopped. It takes pepper spray, plastic shields, and dogs, or in the case of the Owls, a passing game, a running game, and a defense, all of which are weapons that this squad just does not have. Wilson will roll over 100 yards on a hobbled leg, and Chris Henry will have another big day in the passing game. The train whistle will blow, Country Roads will play, and the Mountaineers will capture their first Big East title in 10 years. Unfortunately, only a Temple-like crowd will be there to witness the historic win. WVU

Last Wk: W
Season 10-1

The Mountaineers are in the midst of a history-making charge toward the Big East Title. Beat Temple and clinch at least a share of the crown. If Pitt beats Miami, I don't care what anyone or any computer says, WVU is the Big East champion. Temple storms into Puskar Stadium, the home of Mountaineer Field, on quite a 1-10 tear. Their QB is the fastest sumo wrestler on the planet, and can throw the ball a little as well. Quincy Wilson is banged up and may not play in his home finale. Yea, sure. WVU won't be looking past this pathetic team that handed them their most embarrassing home loss in Mountaineer Field history two years ago. WVU

Last Wk: W
Season 8-3

Let's be honest. If the Mountaineers come into Saturday's contest against the Temple Owls focused on the task at hand, the Blue and Gold will finish the regular season riding a seven-game winning streak. On the other hand, if West Virginia has thoughts of gators or oranges dancing in their heads this game could become very uncomfortable for the home team. My guess is that WVU comes in focused on Senior Day and knocks off these nocturnal birds of prey. WVU

Last Wk: L
Season 7-4

The Mountaineers will try and close out the regular season on a high note. There is bound to be a slight letdown from all that has occurred over the past three to four weeks. Still, Temple has not demonstrated any ability on the road to cause problems. The call here says WVU will ground the Owls by a score of ... WVU

Last Wk: W
Season 7-4

I do hope the Owls had a nice Thanksgiving, because they might not enjoy Saturday so much. Sure, they've shown the ability to hang with the Big East's lesser teams, like Rutgers, Pitt, and Virginia Tech, but if this season has proven anything, it's that those teams aren't in the same league as WVU. Grant Wiley, Quincy Wilson, Brian King, Moe Fofana, Lance Frazier, Todd James, Leandre Washington, and the rest of the seniors, thanks for everything, and have fun abusing some Owls on Saturday. WVU 77, Temple 0. WVU

Last Wk: W
Season 9-2

I know, it's Temple, and everyone beats Temple. But the Owls often give WVU a tough game, albeit losing in the end. This Cherry and White squad isn't great, but they've also gotten no bounces, losing three games in OT this year. Hopefully their luck doesn't switch this week. WVU

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