Yeager More Confident

The first thing that strikes an observer about this year's version of Mountaineer forward Josh Yeager is his direct, confident manner.

It's not that Yeager was a shrinking violet last season, but there's no doubt, after just a few minutes of conversation, that Josh has become more confident and assured of himself and his place on the team.

"I know what to expect, and I know we have a good nucleus for this year's team," said Yeager in response to a question about his increased comfort level. "I've improved my all-around confidence. I know I can be a guy who is able to contribute a lot. I think I've proved to people that I can play, and now they expect me too. So, I need to live up to that."

And while Yeager knows he will face challenges for playing time from newcomers Tyrone Sally and Chaz Briggs, he's also confident that he will have some say in the battle for the three spot.

"He (Sally) will be a challenge. He's quick, he's athletic and he's long. It's going to be fun, and it's going to make us both better. That's what this team needs."

Asked if he will be in the mix for a starting spot at the three, Yeager strongly responded with a smile, "Yes sir! It's my spot to lose, and I will do everything I can to keep it."

Developing a shooter's conscience was a priority for the lanky Yeager, who possesses the purest shot on the team. At times last season, Yeager might miss a shot or two and then disappear from the offense, but this year he's looking become a consistent offensive threat. WVU needs another outside shooter to complement Lionel Armstead, who often was the lone three point threat on the team last year.

"You've got to be able to hit your shot. Being 6-8, I should be able to get my shot off against shorter defenders. I have to hit the mid-range shot too."

If Yeager's offcourt demeanor is carried over between the lines, we expect him to hit a lot of shots before the season is over.

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