Interviewer's Delight

West Virginia's shot blocking sensation is a treat to watch on the floor, but the fun doesn't stop there.

In addition to his notoriety on the floor, Fischer is quickly gaining a reputation as one of the best interviews on the Mountaineer athletic scene. And with his initial performances on the floor for the West Virginia hoop squad, Fischer's opportunities to share his views are numerous.

Fischer can always be counted on to provide a sound bite or quote that stands out, but it's not as if he's trying to grab the spotlight. The great lines that come from him aren't forced, and seem to be just a natural reflection of who he is.

The big man's personality is difficult to quantify. By turns he is engaging, serious, funny, analytical and earnest. No matter the topic, he's an expressive conversationalist.

Pressed to pin him down, he's part Cosby kid, part hardworking college student, with a dash a Dennis the Menace thrown in. And that's meant in the most complimentary way possible. There's always a smile accompanying his answers, and the feeling that a great one-liner, or at least a very quotable phrase or direct observation, is just around the corner whenever he talks with the media.

For example, Fisher was obviously disgusted with his team's defensive play against Northeastern.

"We put up 80 points and we should have won that game. We didn't defend, and we played a little bit lazy. We lost it."

Or take this quote concerning his multifaceted talents on the court:

"I'm not uncomfortable doing anything on the court. I just like to play. From playing street ball I'm used to dribbling and as I get more comfortable you might see more. I'll definitely dribble it to the basket and try to flush it."

Or on his goals this year:

"I know that the word is out on me as a shot-blocker. I was second in the country last year. But I'm going to get my blocks regardless. Just like (UConn's Emeka) Okeafor. He was number one last year - I'm going to be number one this year."

Coming from someone else, or taken out of context, those statements might sound cocky or arrogant. But after being around Fischer for just a short time, it's easy to determine that's not the case. The young man is simply speaking his mind, and being true to the person he is. He's not trying to put anyone else down, or draw attention to himself. He's simply a fun-loving guy who is able to see the humor in most situations (often providing it himself).

That quality, which might have been in short supply on the Mountaineer team last year, should be helpful, especially when the WVU enters the Big East grind during January and February. And should enrich our articles and columns as well.

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