Gift Packages

Although the NCAA normally frowns on any sort of gifts for student athletes, they do make an exception for packages put together by bowl committees.

This year's package from the Gator Bowl well exceeds the $300 minimum required by the NCAA, and although a precise dollar amount could not be provided by Gator Bowl representatives, the Mountaineers are definitely receiving a nice post-Christmas gift box.

The Gator Bowl provides each player with a ring, a watch, a hat, a mini-helmet and a duffle bag in this year's collection of gifts.

Among those gifts, the ring stands out, as one side of the ring will be designed by WVU representatives, while the other will be created by Maryland. Each school will work with noted ringmaker Josten's to design and create the ring.

The players will also receive items from the school, including the traditional warmup suit as well as other articles of clothing.

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