Poll: When would you sit a player down?

Fifty-one percent of our voters say they would bench seniors that aren't performing up to expectations.

Although the wording of our poll was somewhat ambiguous, the majority of voters beleive that now is the time to take action for those seniors who are performing up to expectations.

Another 26% beleive that seniors should be allowed to play until bowl eligibility is out of the question (six losses), while the remaining 23% believe that seniors in the lineup have earned the right to play and shouldn't be removed.

There are several different twists this question can take, including how to handle athe situation where a senior and an underclassman are even in performance, and how much loyalty a senior class deserves when they aren't playing as well as they have in the past.

As always, we're interested in hearing your thoughts on these, or other issues, that our poll questions raise. Also, remember to vote in our new poll question today!

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