Senior Safety Looks Forward to WVU

Louisiana native Matt Sinclair always wanted to go out of state for college, so when the offer came from West Virginia he wasn't long in accepting.

"I had some offers from other schools, but I always felt that I wanted to go out of state," the sure-tackling Sinclair told "I was looking for the first door that opened, and when that offer came, I took it."

Sinclair visited West Virginia on the weekend of January 9th, and like many players from the south was taken by the scenery. And although he had no previous ties to the state other than seeing some ex-Mountaineers in the NFL, he was immediately attracted to Almost Heaven.

"It was my first time in West Virginia, and it was beautiful," the Crowley native said. "The mountains and the snow were really nice. I was very excited to see the snow, and it didn't bother me at all. I enjoyed it."

In addition to the environment, Sinclair was also impressed by the people.

"Larry Williams was my host, and he is just a great guy. We had a lot in common, and we fit in together. The coaches and people were excellent, and the atmosphere was really comfortable. Everyone was friendly, and I think I fit in well there."

At Crowley High, Sinclair played both free safety and tight end. He's slated for the spur position at West Virginia, but also enjoyed his time on offense.

"I did a lot of blocking at tight end, because we were a running team," Sinclair said. "I'm a physical player, so that was fine. On defense, I'm a good tackler and I like to make big plays. The spur has a chance to do all those things, so I think that's a spot that fits me."

Although Crowley is at least two hours from New Orleans, Sinclair was still comfortable with Calvin Magee, who has been doing an excellent job racking up talent in the Bayou State.

"Coach Magee is from New Orleans, but he knows everything about the area," Sinclair said of his recruiting coach. "He is a great guy, and really easy to talk to. He impressed me with the way he talked about West Virginia, and I could se ehow much he liked it."

Sinclair has fully qualified, but could defer his enrollment until January. He is considering a major in sports management. He was recruited by several instate schools, including Louisiana-Lafayette, Louisiana Tech, and Northwestern State.

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