Basketball Rule Changes

To help you get ready for the hoops season, we've taken a look at rules changes for this year. The penalties for technical fouls and lane violations headline the small list of modifications for 2001-2002.

After a change last year that differentiated the penalties for different types of technical fouls, all technical fouls will result in two free throws for the opposing team this season.

The new rule also specifies that after the technical free throws, play is resumed from the point of interruption, so a technical foul does not result in a change of possession.

Lane violations commited by both teams on the same free throw will also be treated differently. This season, when opponents commit lane violations during the same free-throw situation, only the team of the first offending player shall be penalized. Therefore, it's going to be up to the officials to determine which player stepped into the lane first.

Another rule change will attempt to handle timeouts with more uniformity. This season, a warning signal will be sounded 15 seconds before the expiration of an intermission or charged timeout. A second signal willll be given at the expiration of an intermission or a charged timeout. Play will be resumed immediately upon the sounding of the second signal.

In other rules changes, officials will be allowed to use a courtside monitor to determine whether a shot was a two point or three point attempt. Also, the first 30-second timeout of the second half will be extended to media timeout length, which is generally 75 seconds in length. Last year the first 30-second timeout of the game, rather than the second half, was extended to a media timeout.

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