Dent A "Fantastic Prospect"

Jeannette High School head football coach Bob Murphy believes that WVU-bound Mike Dent has all the potential to be a standout college player.

"I know every coach says this about his players, but Mike is just a fantastic prospect," Murphy told "He has a great attitude, and his work ethic is outstanding.

"Mike has a lot of football skills, but he's a great athlete overall. He moves very well."

Dent's athletic ability is so good that he is poised to become Jeannette's all-time leading scorer in basketball. He is just four points away, and expects to break that record in Jeannette's game this evening.

Murphy was also impressed with West Virginia's recruiting of Dent.

"Coach Rodriguez and Tony Gibson did a marvelous recruiting job. I can't say enough about Gibby. He's an excellent recruiter, and the way he represents the school is just outstanding.

"He is one of the big reasons that Mike got interested in West Virginia. It's a good school."

Just like the Mountaineer coaching staff, Murphy believes that Dent will have no problem putting on the weight he will need to be an effective lineman in the college ranks.

"A lot of guys who are that tall (Dent is 6-4) don't have the structure to put on weight," the 34-year veteran noted. "But Mike has very broad shoulders. He played at around 245-250 for us this year, and he should have no problem getting to 280 or 285 at least."

As for Dent, although he committed early, he's glad the process is over.

"There wasn't that much presure on me, but I'm happy it's finished, and I'm glad I chose WVU," he noted after sending his letter of intent.

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