Small Town Atmosphere Clincher for Tate

When wide receiver Brandon "Mook" Tate made his official visit to Morgantown on the weekend of January 9, he wasn't expecting the small town feel that surrounded the WVU campus.

"I wasn't expecting the small town atmosphere," Tate told "I was expecting a bigger city. But that's what I like, that small town feel. It wasn't a problem for me at all."

With the question of environment settled, Tate also had a good time with just about every other aspect of his visit.

"I liked the surroundings and the coaches, and the players were really nice. Eddie Jackson and Abraham Jones were my hosts, and we had a good time.

"I learned a lot about West Virginia from Coach Trickett, who was my recruiting coach. He is a good guy and down to earth. He kept it real with me and didn't paint any pictures. He won my parents over, and anyone who can do that has done a pretty good job."

Tate, who was given the nickname "Mook" by his grandfather when he was young, is a big, physical wideout who uses his body to great advantage. He actually played tight end early in his high school career, which helped him develop his physical nature.

"My size helps me with blocking," the Mississippi native noted. "I saw when I watched film that if you don't block, you don't play. I played some tight end in ninth and tenth grade along with wide receiver.

"I can run all the routes. I like running in patterns - that gives me a chance to do something after I catch the ball. I also like running fades."

After being hosted by Jackson, a similar receiver in terms of size and build, Tate hopes to follow in his footsteps at WVU.

"I'm looking forward to playing in the slot this year. I can use my size in there while Eddie is playing wide. Then next year, when Eddie is gone, maybe I can move out to the wide spot."

Tate is ready to go this year, having already qualified. He plans to work out and get a head start on his classwork at WVU by taking some courses at Eastern Mississippi before coming to WVU this fall.

"I'm looking forward to being there," Tate summed up.

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