The View From 217

Dear Rutgers Fan, <P> If it makes you feel any better, it could have been much worse.

Eighty Points. Wow.

To say the least, the Mountaineer record book will reflect this game for a long time.

1. WVU set a Mountaineer Field record with 446 rushing yards against Rutgers, sailing past the old record of 427 set against Cincinnati in 1987.

2. WVU obviously set a new Mountaineer Field scoring record with 80 points, smashing the old record of 69 set also against Cincinnati, but in 1989.

3. WVU set a new Mountaineer Field total offense record with 627 yards, barely ekeing out the Pitt pasting of 624 in the 52-21 cake walk over the kitties in 1999.

4. The eleven touchdowns were the most at Mountaineer Field by one team, passing the ten scored on Cincinnati in 1989.

5. Brenden Rauh set a new Mountaineer Field record with 10 extra point attempts, along with ten extra point makes, eclipsing the mark for attempts set by Brad Carroll against, you guessed it Cincinnati in 1989. The old record for made extra points was eight, done twice by Charlie Baumann in 1988, once by Brad Carroll in 1989 and once by Bryan Baumann in 1995 against Rutgers. I also believe that Jay Taylor hit eight against Pitt in 1999.

6. I also have to believe that the 50 yard extra point made by Todd James was a Mountaineer Field record, although there is not a record in the books for that one.

I am sure there are more. (Editor's Note: There are - listed at the end of this column.)

Just think if WVU would have actually thrown the ball.

On that subject, ESPN said there "was no excuse" for WVU scoring 80 points against the beleaguered Scarlet Knights, thereby inferring that the Mountaineers ran up the score.

Note to ESPN: WVU threw 11 passes in the entire game. WVU played their second team quarterback the entire second half. He threw four passes for six yards. What do you want? Take a knee with ten minutes to go in the third?

It was nice to see Rasheed Marshall back in the game after the long layoff. I think Coach Rodriguez gets the coach speak of the year award for this one. Obviously Rasheed has been getting more reps than he has been letting on, otherwise, why was Derek Jones running plays at wideout?

Miami has the best stable of running backs in the conference. But I think we have some pretty good ones wearing the gold and blue.

Generally, most teams at least cover your wideouts near the goal line. I am sure Mr. Henderson isn't complaining. Congrats on your first TD as a Mountaineer, sir.

The following Mountaineer Field records were set on Saturday:

- Most points (WVU), 80

- Most touchdowns (WVU), 11

- Most rushing yards (WVU), 446

- Most total offense (WVU), 627

- Most points by one player (Avon Cobourne), 24

- Most individual touchdowns (Cobourne), 4

- Most rushing TDs (Cobourne), 4

- Most first half points (59)

- Most opponent turnovers, 8

- Most extra points attempted (WVU), 11

- Most extra points made (WVU), 11

- Most extra points made (Brenden Raun), 10

The following Mountainee Field records were tied on Saturday:

- Most opponent fumbles lost (Rutgers) 4

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