RPI Head To Head: WVU - Rutgers

Courtesy of our friend Ken Pomeroy, here's a look at the NCAA resumes for both West Virginia and Rutgers.

The NCAA basketball tournament selection committee looks not only at the overall RPI of each team, but also at several of the components of each team's RPI as well. Some of those including good wins (over the Top 50 and Top 100 RPI), bad losses (RPI 150 and below), record over the last ten games, and more.

Ken Pomeroy has done a great job of breaking all those factors of the RPI out into an easily digestible table, and he's graciously allowed us to use West Virginia's figures as we track the Mountaineers' postseason hopes.. Here's the significant numbers and rankings for WVU and Rutgers, which face off with their NCAA lives at stake Wednesday evening.

West Virginia Rutgers
RPI rank (record vs. D1)72 (14-9)40 (14-9)
Non conference RPI rank (record)78 (8-3)17 (8-2)
Record in last 106-45-5
Record in road/neutral games5-63-8
Record vs. top 503-41-7
Record vs. 51-1002-33-0
Record vs. 101-2006-29-2
Record vs. 201+3-01-0
Record vs. non-D10-01-0
Conference record6-66-7
Best Win02/04 vs. (21) Seton Hall 69-6401/10 vs. (12) Providence 65-64
Worst Loss11/29 vs. (152) Northeastern 91-84 01/21 vs. (159) Miami FL 73-63
Head to headNo head-to-head match-up
Common Opponents6-65-5
01/07 L vs. Notre Dame 63-52 (Away)01/31 W vs. Notre Dame 81-70 (Home)
01/10 W vs. Georgetown 62-58 (Home)01/03 L vs. Georgetown 63-57 (Away)
01/14 L vs. Virginia Tech 69-67 (Home)02/15 W vs. Virginia Tech 85-52 (Home)
01/17 L vs. Providence 87-66 (Away)01/10 W vs. Providence 65-64 (Home)
01/24 W vs. Boston College 65-62 (Home)02/22 L vs. Boston College 76-44 (Away)
01/28 W vs. St. John's 73-64 (Away)01/24 W vs. St. John's 78-70 (Home)
02/11 W vs. St. John's 86-52 (Home)
01/31 L vs. Villanova 73-58 (Away)01/28 W vs. Villanova 71-68 (Away)
02/14 W vs. Villanova 67-60 (Home) 
02/04 W vs. Seton Hall 69-64 (Home)02/07 L vs. Seton Hall 85-58 (Away)
02/07 L vs. Connecticut 88-58 (Away)01/06 L vs. Connecticut 75-74 (Home)
02/21 L vs. Pittsburgh 67-58 (Home)01/17 L vs. Pittsburgh 59-49 (Away)

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