"The Other Schools Missed the Boat"

West Guilford High football coach Chris Causey beleives that West Virginia pulled off a major coup with the late signing of standout wide receiver Dorrell Jalloh.

"I'm sure the fact that he qualified late had an effect on his recruiting, but I can't believe he didn't get more attention," Causey said of Jalloh, who signed with West Virginia in February. "These other schools just missed the boat. He has great hands, he attacks the ball at its highest point, and he's explosive. He's also fast enough to run away from defenders once he catches the ball, and he gets a lot of yards after the catch.

"I also think he might have been overlooked because he blossomed kind of late. He exploded the last three games of his junior year, and he had 27 catches in those games. But by then, a lot of the recruiting services have already made up their lists, so sometimes guys get overlooked. I think that happened with him."

Some of Jalloh's abilities are obviously natural gifts, but Causey thinks that his senior's work has helped improved them dramatically.

"He was born with natural ability, but he has worked hard. He is a great worker in practice. We use a JUGS machine to throw passes in practice, and Dorrell is always out there catching the ball.

"He's also going to be a great blocker, because of his work ethic. We ran an offense very similar to West Virginia's, so when we did run the ball our receivers were expected to block. And even when the play was run away from him, Dorrell was always working to get a block. He's just a maximum effort kind of guy."

Jalloh's hard work paid off to the tune of 105 receptions for 1,531 yards and 10 touchdowns as a senior, but Causey notes that those totals could easily have been higher. He estimated that Jalloh had "probably 15 catches and six touchdowns" called back because of penalties.

In addition to snagging a player that looks to be a hidden gem, West Virginia also secured Causey as a fan of the program. Causey was impressed with both the way that Jalloh was treated by the Mountaineer staff as well as with his own experience with the Mountaineer coaches.

"Dorrell was just blown away on his visit," Causey recounted. "He said the coaches treated him with so much respect, and that everyone acted in a first class manner, and that was the same way I felt in talking with the coaches, especially Coach Hand. I had the best experience with them in the way they talked to me and to Dorrell, and they were just first-class and professional all the way. They are going to compete for championships, and win them, because they are recruiting great players, and also players with great character. I would love to send kids to West Virginia every year."

With an endorsement like that, the Mountaineer staff will likely be back in Guilford County soon, and with Jalloh on board they figure to be able to build on that recruiting success. And although Jalloh will likely grayshirt this year and enroll in January, Causey doesn't see any problems on the horizon.

"They were very upfront with Dorrell about grayshirting," Causey noted. "I don't see that as being a problem at all. He'll handle that well. He's a 'yes sir, no sir' kind of kid."

When Jalloh does arrive, Causey thinks he will be able to fit in quickly into the Mountaineers' offensive scheme.

"Like I said before, we ran a very similar offense, and Dorrell played both out wide and in the slot for us - we moved him around from week to week to try to get some good matchups. I do see him as starting out in the slot - he's a big physical player that benches over 300 pounds, so I think he would be well-suited to that position."

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