Gold-Blue Game Lineups

Who has the advantage in Saturday's Gold-Blue game? Check out the lineups, then share your opinions!

Which team will come out on top? Yes, we know it's only a glorified scrimmage, but it's all we have until the fur starts flying for real at the end of summer!

Check out each roster, then make your pick on our message board. Players in italics may see limited or no action.


QB: Charles Hales, Adam Bednarik

RB: Jason Colson, Freddie Little, Leonard Merriman

WR: Chris Henry, Eddie Jackson, John Pennington, Rayshawn Bolden

TE: Josh Bailey, Adam Serena

OL: Jeremy Sheffey, Mike Watson, Josh Stewart, Zac Napier, Chris Bassler, Jeremy Moore, Hampton Rose

K: Andy Good,


DL: Ernest Hunter, Ben Lynch, Craig Wilson, Keilen Dykes, Warren Young, Andrae Wright

LB: Scott Gyorko, Jay Henry, Boo McLee, Marc Magro, Jeff Noechel, Justin Knapp

DB: Jahmile Addae, Lawrence Audena, Vince Beamer, Pac Man Jones, Mike Lorello, Anthony Mims, Jerry White, Jermaine Moye, Antonio Lewis, Davanzo Tate

P: Phil Brady, Andrew Starsick

LS: Juistin Anselmo


QB: Rasheed Marshall, Dwayne Thompson

RB: Kay Jay Harris, Hikee Johnson, Dwayne Mundle Bryan Wright

WR: Miquelle Henderson, Brandon Myles, Dee Alston, Milo Austin, Travis McClintic

TE: Ryan Thomas, Brad Palmer, Chris Malamet

OL: Dan Mozes, Jeremy Hines, Jeff Berk, Garin Justice, Travis Garrett, Aaron Howell

K: Brad Cooper, Nate Zinn


DL: Jason Hardee, Mike Villagrana, Joe Sykes, Kevin Burke

LB: Bobby Hathaway, Brandon Lavelle, Justin Hensley, Matt Holsopple, Brad McClung

DB: Abraham Jones, Mike Henshaw, Larry Williams, Ridwan Malik, Joe Hunter, Vaughn Rivers, Thandi Smith, Aaron Meckstroth

P: Eric Daugherty

LS: Scott Fleming

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