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A very subded Coach Rodriguez provided the Sunday update on his battered football team.

Injuries and lineup changes were the focus of conversation on Sunday as the Mountaineer coaching staff begins preparations for the Pitt Panthers.

"We've got many nicks and bruises," Rodriguez said before going down the injury list.

"Brad Knell has a pinched nerve in his neck and is very questionable. James Davis (who hurt his toe while being tackled after recoving a fumble) is questionable."

This week's "ankle brigade" includes safety Rick Sherrod and kicker Brenden Rauh, both of whom were termed day to day.

Kyle Kayden has a pinched nerve, but should be able to play. Two other players who didn't get in the game on Saturday, Jason Brooks and Ken Sandor, hope to play in the finale.

The quarterback situation provided the other storyline, as Rodriguez said that Rasheed Marshall "would probably start" against the Panthers. Rodriguez was quick to point out that he considers Rasheed and Brad Lewis costarters, and that a final decision wouldn't be made until later in the week.

In Saturday's game, Rodriguez noted that Rasheed fit the game plan better, which resulted in his getting the bulk of the playing time.

"We had several QB runs in the plan, and Rasheed runs the ball a little better," noted Rodriguez. "We though about going back to Brad in the fourth quarter when we had to pass, but we decided to see what Rasheed could do."


Rodriguez described his team's effort as "ok", but noted that there wasn't any straining. "We didn't strain near a championship level".

* * *

A. J Nastasi drew praise for his consistent performance.

"A. J. has done really well. He has become one of our leading receivers. He never misses a rep, and does all the right things. You can tell its important to him," said Rodriguez. Nastasi led the team in receptions for the second straight week.

* * *

Temple's biltzing strategy contributed to Avon Cobourne's meager seven carries in the second half. The Owl defense forced WVU into throwing short passes, and the Mountaineers were unable to turn any of the resulting one on one coverage situations into long gains.

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