The View From 217

It wasn't supposed to be this way. The penalties, the stupid mistakes, the lack of discipline. But it is.

WVU completely self-destructed against lowly Temple on Saturday, guaranteeing that they will finish behind Temple in the Big East standings.

Temple, the team that is being kicked out of the league for poor attendance and poor quality football.

Temple, the team that had scored a total of ten points in their last four games combined.

The Mountaineers were thinking of Pitt. And there is no excuse for that.

How do I know? I wasn't at the game, since my wife gave birth to our third son this week. And since there wasn't any TV this week, thankfully, in retrospect, I didn't even get to see the replay.

But I can tell you what I heard on the radio. I heard discussion of the Pitt rivalry. I heard players being asked about the Pitt rivalry in the pre-game interviews. And not once did I hear anyone talk about focusing on Temple.

But before we fire Coach Rodriguez, let me read a couple of things to you:

"October 23, 1999 - The Hero for West Virginia was also the birthday boy - Jay Taylor - who celebrated his 23rd birthday by booting a 32 yard game winning field goal with six seconds remaining on the clock to beat Temple 20-17 at Mountaineer Field."

"September 28, 2000 - Cooper Rego plunged over the goal line in the fourth quarter, for his second score as West Virginia earned their first come from behind victory of the season at Temple, 29-24."

This is not a one game aberration. This is a Mountaineer team whose last 15 wins consist of the following:

Pitt, Temple - 2 wins each
Rutgers - 3 wins
Mississippi - 1 win
Boston College - 1 win
East Carolina - 1 win
Idaho - 1 win
Ohio, Miami(OH), Kent - 1 win
Maryland - 1 win

Included in that are two last minute wins over Temple, a double overtime win over Rutgers, and a home loss to Navy.

Think about that for a minute as you examine the current state of the program.

Make no mistake, there is no excuse for losing to Temple. It doesn't matter who the coach is, or who the players are. If you lose to Temple, you shut your mouth and buckle up the chin strap. The patience check was cashed last Saturday. Don't even think about losing to Pitt.

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