Tough Decision Awaits White

After being drafted in the fourth round of the major league baseball draft by the Anaheim Angels, WVU football signee Patrick White has a tough decision ahead. Here's the latest on his status, including comments from the family.

"We're starting the negotiation phase now," said Pat's father, Bo White on Monday evening. "The Angels haven't made an offer yet, but we're expecting one soon."

The elder White has been talking with his son about the intricacies of baseball bonus offers and how they are crafted.

"We've talked about it a lot, and I've explained to him that baseball often spreads their bonus money out over five years for minor leaguers," White explained. "Once you do that, and take off money for taxes, agents and the like, you might not have a lot left.

"We've decided on a mimimum amount that it would take for Pat to play, but what makes it tough is that he loves football too. In fact, he was out throwing a football today."

Like any good negotiator, White declined to reveal the figure that he and his son have in mind.

"We're waiting for Anaheim to call and make an offer, and then we'll see."

White noted, however, that football is still very much in the picture.

"West Virginia is where his mom and I would like him to be. He said earlier today to make sure everyone up there knows that he still loves West Virginia."

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