Impressive Wins May Go Unnoticed

For Mountaineer fans starved for some success, the weekend's basketball wins at the Hispanic College Fund Classic were a welcome appetizer.

It seems like some of WVU's biggest wins have been overshadowed by other events in recent years, and this championship certainly falls into that category.

First, of course, was the Backyard Brawl with Pitt on Saturday, which was televised to the nation while this game was relegated to radio broadcast only.

Second was the late starting time, which had West Virginia faithful in the east huddled next to their Victrolas well past the midnight hour.

Third was the fact that New Mexico isn't well known in the East, despite the fact that their venue is one of the toughest places to play in the country.

Add all those factors up, and you get a 3-0 start for WVU that probably won't be noticed by many other than true basketball devotees. That, of course, includes many of the writers who vote in the AP poll, some of whom undoubetedly think that Albuquerque is right next to Mexico City.

Of course, we know differently. WVU put up an impressive display of dash, verve and guttiness to win both games at The Pit, and the lessons learned there should help as the season unfolds toward the Big East wars in 2002.

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