Signee Video - Chad Mayse

Ohio linebacker Chad Mayse will bring great pursuit skills to WVU this fall, as these video clips illustrate.

Mayse, wearing number 19 in these clips, demonstrates excellent mobility, whether ranging downfield in pass coverage or pursuing the quarterback. Mayse, lining up at outside linebacker, is pointed out by an arrow in the clips.

In the first clip, Mayse lines up defending the slot receiver at the bottom of the screen, and follows him all the way across the field to make the pick.

Interception - Low speed connection

Interception - High speed connection

In this clip, Mayse speeds off the left corner for a sack.

Sack - Low speed connection

Sack - High speed connection

In the final look, Mayse duplicates his sack effort by blowing around right end for a big hit on the quarterback.

Big hit - Low speed connection

Big hit - High speed connection

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