Giving It His All

After having just ripped off a big run to set up his team's go ahead touchdown in the West Virginia North-South All-Star game, North Marion's Ryan May brought new meaning to "leaving it all on the field".

May, a strapping 6-1, 240-pound fullback who will walk on to the Mountaineer football team this fall, was lining up for his team's extra point try when he...well...regurgitated.

"Anyone that ever watches me knows that's just the way I am," said May as he recalled the incident. "I do that in every game. Once it happens, I'm good to go.

"I think it's from playing with so much emotion," he continued. "My adrenaline is high, and I just had a big run, and it just happens."

May's big run was a 17-yard rumble through the middle of the South defense that set up the winning score. But that wasn't his only contribution on the evening. In addition to throwing several crunching lead blocks for tailback Ben Gum, May was the ball carrier of choice when the North needed a fourth-down conversion late in the game to seal the victory.

"I just pounded in there as hard as I could," May said of his action on the critical play. "I went full steam to get that one."

Fortunately for the North, May had enough steam left after his extra point incident to make that big run and get the game-clinching first down. The competitive nature of the game grew out of a week long series of intense workouts leading up to the contest.

"It was great. We had great practices all week, and everyone was fired up. We wanted to have a great game. It's the last high school game for everyone, and we wanted to put on a good showing," May said.

It was indeed a good show for players on both teams, but now May moves on to the highly competitive world of Division 1 football at its highest level. Ane while he knows that is a challenge, he believes that his solid performance in the North-South game was a good start.

"Most of these guys are going to go to college and play next year, so this was sort of my first step into college ball," May theorized. "It was sort of like a college scrimmage, the way I look at it."

May doesn't harbor any illusions about being a star ball carrier at WVU. He knows what his role is, and had already picked out a model at WVU to follow prior to his senior season.

"I watched Moe Fofana a lot this past year, because I've been hoping to go to West Virginia," May said of the graduated Mountaineer fullback who has already walked the path he hopes to take. "I love lead blocking. That's what I asked to do tonight, and I want to keep doing it."

Just like his other game ritual.

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