"If He Keeps Working, He Can Be Great"

Former West Virginia quarterback and current Palm Beach Lakes High School assistant coach JaJuan Seider believes that his rising senior quarterback will be one of the best in the country during the upcoming season - which means that West Virginia again beat its opponents to the punch in the recruiting game.

"Jarrett Brown has been playing and working with a chip on his shoulder this year," Seider told BlueGoldNews.com. "He thinks he should be rated more highly, and he's been working really hard to prove that he's one of the top quarterbacks in the state, if not the country."

That work, plus the tremendous talent that Brown displayed at West Virginia's recently concluded football camps, led to a WVU offer and an aggressive recruiting effort by the Mountaineer coaching staff. And in the end, it paid off in the form of a commitment to West Virginia from the talented Palm Beach Lakes star.

"Jarrett can make all of the throws," Seider said of his star pupil. "At this stage, he's better than I was. I think he could come in and compete for playing time right now.

"At West Virginia's camp he had a very impressive showing. We run the spread offense too, so he knows the offense. And he can make any throw that's asked of him.

"His arm strength and accuracy are really good," Seider continued, "He made some great throws at West Virginia, and that was with players that he had never seen before. If he keeps working, he can be great."

At 6-4, Brown stands tall in the pocket and surveys the field well. According to Seider, who is an assistant coach in charge of the offense at Palm Beach Lakes, Brown thinks pass first.

"He's a little different from Rasheed in that he's more of a thrower. He doesn't run for us, because he doesn't have to, but he can. We have an excellent back (Jatavious Best), who gets most of our carries, so Jarrett concentrates on throwing the ball. He is good at making reads and looking at multiple receivers, and he wants to throw it."

Seider believes that the sky is the limit for Brown, who is also an excellent basketball prospect. Brown began putting more work into football during the past year, and the results were immediately noticeable for all who watched the young quarterback's progress.

"Jarrett plays a lot of AAU basketball in the summer, so that cut into his football time," Seider observed. "This year, he's been playing more football, and it shows. He is still playing some AAU basketball too, but he's improved a lot since he started working harder on the football side. With the right kind of coaches, which he'll have at WVU, he's going to do well.

"I think being coached by someone who has played the position this early has helped him a lot," said Seider, who was in NFL training camps after his college career at West Virginia and Florida A&M. "I've tried to break it down so that he doesn't get overloaded. This year we've been working more on reading defenses, how to watch film, different drops, and getting rid of the ball more quickly. He's putting a lot of work into it, and I think it shows."

Having Seider around obviously meant that Brown had a great resource on West Virginia, but Seider said he did not attmept to influence Brown on his choice.

"I told Jarrett about Morgantown, and about the football atmosphere there, but I didn't push him to make a decision," Seider said. "That was totally up to him. I try to present our players with opportunities, and I try to get them all the information I can, but I don't try to influence their decision. Of course, I am happy that he chose West Virginia, but it was his decision."

Jarrett Brown prepares to throw a pass at WVU camp

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