Pennsylvania Offensive Lineman Working For Offers

A physical run blocker who has been working hard on his footwork this summer hopes to get offers from his list of favorite schools, which includes West Virginia.

"I've been to camps at Minnesota, Iowa, Maryland and Boston College," Episcopal Academy's Greg Isdaner said of his summer itinerary. "I'm also planning to go to North Carolina this weekend for a two-day camp."

Isdaner lists those schools, along with West Virginia, as his favorites, although he doesn't have them in any particular order.

"I haven't narrowed it down or ranked anyone yet," said Isdaner, who also may visit West Virginia this fall. "I don't have any offers yet, but I'm working hard to get them. I've been singled out at the camps I've been to this summer to go in one-one-ones, and I think those schools have good interest in me."

Isdaner is a run-blocking specialist in an option offense, so he has no concerns about that part of his game. His focus this summer has been on improving his pass protection skills.

"I'm a physical player, a mauler," the big lineman observed. "We don't pass much, so I have been working on my footwork and my techniques, especially in getting back into pass protection. I've learned and improved a lot."

While Isdaner believes that his summer work is paying off, it hasn't resulted in any offers yet, although his schools of interest are watching him closely. If one of them came through with an offer, would that tip the scales for an early commitment?

"If it was a school I liked, it might carry some weight," said the 310-pounder. "I don't have a timetable for a decision yet, though, and I want to make sure I look at all of my options."

Isdaner carries a 3.3 GPA and has already recorded an 1170 SAT, so qualifying will be no problem. He is interested in business management as a college major.

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