Stanchek Looks Forward to Challenge

Incoming freshman lineman Ryan Stanchek was happy to get a win in his final high school game, but he knows that it's back to the bottom of the heap when he reports to the WVU campus next Sunday.

Stanchek's Ohio squad got a come from behind victory over Pennsylvania in the Big 33 game, and while he didn't square off head to head against any of his future teammates, he was impressed with their play.

"It's an honor to play against those guys," Stanchek said of defenders Doug Slavonic and Mortty Ivy. "They are some great players, and I'm looking forward to having them as teammates. But, we did beat them, so it will be fun the first couple weeks of camp."

One other player on the Pennsylvania side, offensive lineman Ben Iannacchione, will be Stanchek's compatriot in the trenches on the offensive line. And while Stanchek is looking forward to playing alongside (and competing with) his future teammates, he also knows that it's a long road from high school all star game to recognition on the college level.

"I've been thinking about that [working my way back up]," Stanchek said as he envisioned his first days on the collegiate level. "One of our themes of Big 33 practice was that you just have to start over. I wouldn't want to have it any other way. I just want to go and get it started."

Most players getting ready to undergo their first stints under demanding Mountaineer offensive line coach Rick Trickett aren't so enthusiastic, but Stanchek, a "yes sir, no sir" guy during interviews, seems like he might take off running at any moment to head for the West Virginia campus. Of course, when he gets there, he's going to find a different world, but he says he's ready for the challenge.

"I know the competition is going to be really tough," said the talented offensive lineman. "I just want to stay healthy and work hard. I'm lifting weights and working out, and getting ready for Coach Trickett. It will be fun."

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