Early Hoop Practices Continue

The Mountaineer men's basketball team wrapped up their duties with basketball camp and then took to the floor of the messy Coliseum for some drills and scrimmage work on Wednesday evening.

The men's basketball team scrimmaged for about 30 minutes as they held another workout in preparation for their six game tour of Europe, which begins next Monday. During the live play, Kevin Pittsnogle, Frank Young and Mike Gansey stood out.

Pittsnogle, sporting at least two new tattoos, was on fire for much of the session, hitting shots from all over the court. It's obvious that the West Virginian, despite putting on some good weight during the off-season, hasn't let it affect his marksmanship.

Also making an impression was sophomore forward Frank Young, who played with both squads during the evening. Young rebounded well and defended aggressively. Mike Gansey also demonstrated some of the skills that have the coaching staff excited when he twice drove to the basket, floated past D'or Fischer, and calmly fliiped reverse layups into the hoop. Fischer, who spent some time in Florida this summer training against NBA players, had an up-and-down session.

The first team in the scrimmage consistend of Jarmon Durisseau-Collins, Patrick Beilein, Fischer, Pittsnogle and Tyrone Sally. The second team was made up of the rest of the reserves, with Nick Patella, Gansey, Young and Brad Byerson teaming with Jonathan Curran and Duriel Price.

Tomorrow, work beings in earnest, with two a day practices commencing through Saturday. The team will then practice once on Sunday before beginning their trip overseas on Monday.


Durisseau-Collins is showing an increased leadership role early on. He has taken charge of the team on the floor, and appears to be very confident in his decision-making.

* * *

With the locker rooms at the Coliseum still under contruction, the team is dressing on the main floor. The basektball locker rooms are scheduled to be completed by the time regular fall practice commences.

* * *

Joe Herber was spotted in street clothes on the bench of the German National Team after their loss to the USA on Wednesday. Either than, or the Darmstadt native has a twin. Herber is trying out fo the German National Team in preparation for next year's European championships.

* * *

Drill work during the early part of practice included shooting instruction that had the players concentrating on their backspin as they released the ball. During part of this drill, the players didn't even shoot at the basket - they simply worked on releasing the ball correctly, and let it bounce off a backboard to come back for the next attempt. Defense, as always also received attention, with slide drills (designed to get players to move their feet without crossing them) a point of particular emphasis.

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