Practice Notebook

Two days of practice have yielded a number of noteworth news nuggets from the staff of the Blue & Gold News and

Various observations, quotes and ruminations:

  • The progression of young quarterbacks through the system is slower than many imagine. While the coaches are very pleased with both Adam Bednarik and Dwayne Thompson, they also observe that they still have a lot of work to do.

    "They, have a good grasp on offense, but the next step for them is learning the defenses," Rodriguez observed when asked to comment on the battle for third team.

  • Brad Cooper appears to be again seizing the placekicking job. His field goal and extra point attempts are high, long and straight. Cooper bounced one lengthy kick off the high rise pltform at the end of the practice field on Monday.

  • Ben Clemmons, who got some work with the spurs during the spring, was back at linebacker during early sessions this fall.

  • The toughest part of practice may be the end of session runs and sprints. On Monday, work concluded with five 1/5 mile runs that were almost back to back (ninety seconds of recovery time on the average, while Tuesday's drills ended with ten 40-yard sprints. Adam Jones showed his reputation for speed is deserved as he blew his competition away on the final run.

  • The competition at receiver appears to be yielding some good results. Dee Alston and Brandon Myles have both had excellent sessions - both made several excellent grabs during the first two days.

    On Tuesday, Charles Hales, John Pennington, Chris Henry and Brandon Myles got work as a unit with the first team in the four-wideout set.

  • Competition for playing time isn't taking long to heat up. In addition to the battle at superback, which "could go down to the last day" according to Rodriguez,Jones and Vaughn Rivers have seen duty on punt returns.

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