Big Offensive Lineman Completes Tour

A Virginia offensive lineman has visited ten different schools during a whirlwind summer tour, and is now preparing for his senior season as he awaits offers.

"I've visited West Virginia, Duke, Clemson, Tennessee, Maryland, Notre Dame, Virginia, Virginia Tech, James Madison, Harvard and Princeton," said Virginia lineman Chris Taylor. "It's been busy. Right now, I like WVU, Clemson, Tennessee, Virginia Tech, Maryland, James Madison and the Ivy League schools. No one has offered me yet, but I think a lot of them want to see some film of me during my first couple of games this year before they decide."

Taylor indicated that West Virginia was among that latter group, and noted "I think they are considering me."

The big lineman plays both offense and defense for Osbourn High School in Manassas, but believes he is slated for the offensive side of the ball in college, primarily due to his feet.

"I have good feet for a player my size," said the 6-5, 330-pound blocker. "I'm not a guy that lumbers around out there. But I think my biggest strength is my awareness of the game. I know what's going on, and I have a real love for football."

Taylor's most recent visit was to West Virginia (his first) and he liked what he saw.

"I was very impressed. To see the stadium, and know that it's where the plays are made that you see on Saturday is just amazing. It was great to see it in person.

"The coaching staff was very nice," Taylor continued. "They are optimistic about the upcoming year, and very supportive."

Taylor plays in a single wing offense at Osbourn, but he isn't worried about playing in a different style of offense, such as the spread that WVU employs.

"We run an unbalanced line, and it's pretty much a straightforward running offense," Taylor said of his high school's attack. "But I wouldn't mind being in a new kind of offense in college. I'm sure I could handle it."

With his college tour over, Taylor will now concentrate on his senior season as he attmepts to build the kind of highlights that will lead to offers.

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