Another Two-A-Day In The Books

Just one more day with two practices remains for the WVU football team after they completed two practice sessions on Wednesday.

Wednesday morning's session was conducted in full pads in the stadium, however, there wasn't a great deal of contact as the coaches and players worked to prepare for the afternoon heavy scrimmage.

The lack of hitting didn't mean that work wasn't done, however, as all aspects of the offense and defense got a run through prior to the afternoon workout.

In the afternoon, an hour and a half officiated scrimmage was the feature attraction, and the day was dominated by the defense. The offense only managed one touchdown on drives other than those beginning in the red zone, a short burst by Kay Jay Harris, in a session that was not viewed with pleasure by head coach Rich Rodriguez.

"It was embarrassing for anyone wearing a white shirt," Rodriguez said of the offense, which wears that color during practice. "The guys in white have been reading their press clippings, think they have arrived, and are not doing what they are supposed to be doing. I am upset with the veterans on offense. We couldn't kick, we couldn't throw and we couldn't run. That's about it."

While some of Rodriguez' tirade can be attributed to a motivational ploy, there was enough bad play on the field to justify the comments. Despite going against the second and third units at times, the offense failed to sustain much of an attack during the warm afternoon.

The kicking game sputtered just as badly as the offense, missing several place kick tries and succeeding just once.

The offense was hampered by the absence of starting lineman Jeff Berk, who continues to battle a staph infection. Wide receiver continued to be a disappointment, as both Miquelle Henderson and Eddie Jackson continued to ride exercise bikes rather than catch passes for the offense. The position took another hit later in the day when Dee Alston went down with a shoulder injury. Charles Hales played exclusively at quarterback during the afternoon.

Asked what he could do to improve the situation, Rodriguez retorted, "Coach 'em. Work 'em. See if they will take the next step. They have the ability, and I think they will, but if they don't they won't be playing."

The offense did manage to score twice on red zone series, with Chris Henry and Dwayne Thompson each hitting paydirt once.


The controlled scrimmage featured series beginning from the offense's own five- and thirty-yard lines, as well as from midfield. Red zone possessions began at the defense's fifteen.

Visitors to fall camp have continued to trickle along the sidelines. Recent guests included an NFL scout from the Denver Broncos and coaches from Brashear High School.

* * *

Walkon wide receiver Travis McClintic was added to the preseason roster due to the high number of absences among the receiving corps.

* * *

Practice continues with a single session on Thursday and two sessions on Friday before another officiated scrimmage on Saturday.

* * *

While players work harder in the offseason than ever before, there's no doubt that "two-a-days" are not as physically demanding as they used to be. WVU will have just four days where they run two practice sessions on the same day, as opposed to approximately ten in the yers before NCAA-mandated reductions.

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