Rodriguez Still Trying To Get Handle on UCF

As of now, the WVU – Central Florida game is still on as scheduled for Saturday evening, but Mountaineer head coach Rich Rodriguez is still a bit in the dark when it comes to the plans of the Golden Knights.

"We were completely in the dark on Central Florida," Rodriguez said of UCF's game plans under new head coach George O'Leary. "Over the summer, we looked at Georgia Tech and Maryland films, because of his ties there, but we weren't sure at all about what they would be doing. "We will evaluate the Wisconsin film, but we'll also look at his history of what he's done in the past. We saw some similarities between that and the Georgia Tech and Maryland film, but there were some differences, too. But, because Coach O'Leary wasn't there, we're not sure if they might be different next week.

"I think any coach in America will tell you that the first two or three games, you are still trying to see what your identity is and what your opponents' is."

Rodriguez shrugged off notions that the game will be a head to head battle between O'Leary, who is noted for his defensive schemes, and himself, who is heavily involved in the offense.

"It's not coach against coach, but schemes against scheme," Rodriguez explained. "If the head coach is involved in the offense or defense, then you might have some battles in that regard. A lot is made of that, but it's way overrated. I know Coach O'Leary is a great defensive mind, and that he's heavily involved on the defense, just like I am on offense. So we'll see what happens."


In contrast to his own team's sloppy play last week, Rodriguez said UCF won't be making those types of errors.

"Coach O'Leary's teams play hard and are well-disciplined. They don't make mental mistakes, and you can see that on film. He's already had an impact on them in that regard. We can't wait around for them to make mistakes, because they won't do that.

* * *

Rodriguez noted that WVU's team did some bonding when they had travel fiascoes with Planet Air on trips back from Wisconsin and Rutgers in previous seasons, and thinks Central Florida might get a bit of the same benefit with their travel delays.

"We spent all day together as a group and family, and that can serve as a way to bond your football team," Rodriguez recalled. "Road trips can be good, because you are away from distractions.

"We couldn't even get off the plane. We were stuck on it for 6-7 hours, and then in baggage claim for another two hours. No one could sing well, so we didn't do that, but we did tell a lot of jokes," Rodriguez said with a laugh.

* * *

The game is currently on as scheduled, but WVU's ability to have a walk through on Friday evening is in question. That would partially offset UCF's travel delay. The Golden Knights are scheduled to fly back to Orlando Monday afternoon.

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