Excuse The Inconvenience (ETI)

BlueGoldNews.com welcomes Duke and Jimbo aboard to our contributing columnist staff. Both are longtime Mountaineer fans with a story to tell, so we decided to do so. They'll share their opinions and commentary after each football game. And if we like 'em we might even let them stay around a bit longer.

Duke: Hello, I'm Duke Jimbo: And I'm Jimbo. The 2004 season for the fan could not have started any sweeter. To quote the legendary Jack Fleming, "The season has started with a bang". The only thing missing was the nice fireworks they let off a few years ago and the late John Denver singing "Country Roads". How times have changed looking over at the new addition to Milan Puskar Stadium! The suites and Touchdown Terrace show that the university and program are heading in the right direction. Can the hype be any bigger coming into a season opener for a Mountaineer fan? I haven't seen that much tailgating and enthusiasm since the ‘98 opener vs. Ohio State. Let's keep that up each week fellow fan! As Lee Corso (WVU's personal "Newman" from Seinfeld) has picked us to go a long way this year, remember it's one game at a time, my friend.

Now back to the game. Rasheed Marshall is the man, period. He has proven it to me. His stats are deceiving - he is ranked #37 in passing efficiency. WVU fans just need to realize that this guy "just wins, baby".

Duke: Jimbo, I agree with everything you said right up to the Marshall for Heisman comments. Listen, I drink the same WVU punch as you, but this was a bad East Carolina team. One of Coach Rodriquez's goals for Rasheed this season is to complete 60% of his passes. Going 6 for 15 with two picks is going to catch up to us this year. Rasheed is a three-year starter, and if we are going to live up to the hype he has to do better.

Jimbo: All right Duke, disagree with this. Kay Jay Harris made a huge statement with his coming out party by shattering records and showing the nation he is ready to have a breakout year for us. The media is starting to tout him as a Heisman hopeful So much for a running back controversy. Do you think Kay Jay's stride is still too long?

Duke: How can I disagree with that? But, I would have preferred to see his total stop at 275 yards. When I saw Kay Jay go wide and get pulled down with his ankle caught underneath, that could have been disaster. The starters stayed in the game too long. Jimbo, all you talk about is the offense. What about the defense? It was good to see pressure on the quarterback from all directions.

Jimbo: It's hard to tell since we controlled the game since the first snap. The coaching staff shuffled a lot of players in and out, which shows a lot of confidence in the team along with the talent in the program. We have got to stop the personal fouls, though. This will hurt us in bigger games. Adam Jones and Chris Henry are the real deals but they have to play under control. Duke, every guy who played defense had a tackle except the trombone player! It is amazing that we have that much depth.

Duke: Now for the finish!

Jimbo: Can somebody tell me the deal with the concessions? They run out of cold drinks way too much. It's only six games. Let's get this right for the fans. More stations around the stadium would help alleviate the problem. Where did the guy go who sells beverages in the aisle?

Duke: As nice as everything was, I must admit I missed the north scoreboard. The scoreboard used to give all the passing and rushing stats, and it only did so occasionally on Saturday.

Jimbo: Hey Duke, you still haven't answered my question. Do you still think Kay Jay's stride is too long?

Duke: Talk to me after the Maryland game. See you at the Florida Citrus Bowl!

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