Mountaineer Assistant Not A Candidate

Despite published reports to the contrary, West Virginia assistant football coach Bill Stewart says he is not a candidate for the vacated Parkersburg (WV) High School head coaching job.

"I have never, ever spoken about the head coaching job with anyone at Parkersburg High School," Stewart told on Tuesday. "I have no idea where that rumor got started. I am flattered and honored to have been mentioned, but it's just not true."

Stewart went on to say that he has been supportive of interim head coach Craig Farnsworth, and felt that he would be an excellent choice for the job. Farnsworth recently announced that he would not seek the full time head coaching job at Parkersburg, mostly because a full time teaching position slot was not open in the Parkersburg area.

Stewart spent some of last Thursday at the Charter Communications basketball tournament in Charleston with both Farnsworht and Parkersburg Athletic Director Jim Hamric, but said that he did not discuss the job with either of them.

"I've known Jim Hamric for 27 years, and we are good friends," Stewart said. "But we have not had any discussions about the head coaching job at Parkersburg."

Stewart was previously mentioned in published reports as a possible candidate for the job since the resignation of head coach Marshall Burdette during the regular season.

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