The Kinder Garden - 1/01/02

My New Year's resolution for everyone: Stop the whining!

It seems as if crying, complaining and whining are de rigeur today in sports, and I'm getting tired of it.

We see it in the BCS, as many so-called "expert" media members have bitched for days about Colorado's exclusion from the Rose Bowl. I'm sure that after today's buttkicking at the hands of Oregon, many of those same pundits will now switch their support to the Ducks.

Such classic second guessing isn't uncommon, but it is getting old.

I'm also getting more than a bit tired of all the complaining about WVU's players and teams, and that includes all quarters.

I've been accused recently of being a "shill" for WVU, so upfront let me say that the performance of several teams, including the football and men's basketball teams, have left much to be desired by the part of me that is a fan.

However, I simply don't see what good personal attacks do. Even worse, I really hate to hear comments like "they stink, so I'm not going to see them."

I'm not going to deliver a lecture on supporting your team no matter what, or label anyone as good or bad fans. I simply want the whining and complaining to stop. Is that too much to ask?

Before you answer that, I'll answer for you - probably not. Part of the reason is, that as fans, we're going to talk about the negative things that happen. That's ok, but there are better ways to do it than simply ripping people or teams.

Here's my challenge for this year. When something goes wrong - when a team goes on a losing streak, or when a player doesn't perfom well - see if you can discuss it rationally without resorting to cheap shots or stale complaints. I think we'll all be the better for it.

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