ETI: Temple Edition

Duke and Jimbo wrap up the Temple game and look ahead, like everyone else, to the Boston College clash.

Duke: Hello, I'm Duke

Jimbo: And, I'm Jimbo.

Jimbo: In front of a great crowd for homecoming the West Virginia Mountaineers put a second half pounding on visiting Temple. Rasheed Marshall continues to be head and shoulders above the rest of the Big East offensive players. He is taking a great run toward end of season individual honors and bringing us to the brink of a second consecutive Big East Championship. I hope every so called Mountaineer fan remembers on Saturday that Rasheed and company will be the only team in school history to win back to back Big East championships!

Duke: Jimbo, early in the year I joked around about Rasheed Marshall for Heisman, as you were already riding his bandwagon. If you look around the country, the Heisman pretenders are falling each week. As you said Marshall just wins, but he is becoming more than that. When you go 14 for 19 for 174 yards and three touchdowns and run for 81 yards, his name needs to start creeping into the Heisman discussion. He is exciting to watch whether passing or running. The Marshall to Henry connection is lethal!

Jimbo: Oh Henry! Oh Henry! Oh Henry! What an individual talent this young man is for our team. After sitting out the first half of the Temple game for his ejection, he comes out for the second half and has a fantastic catch for a touchdown.

I wish fans would not boo players. As Henry came out onto the filed for the second half and caught his first pass, a number of fans booed him. Let's try to remember these are kids playing this game, and booing is unacceptable in my mind for a player, coach, or referee. Coach Rodriguez has penalized Chris Henry during the week and sitting out the first half was his punishment. Let's just root for the team and cut out the booing.

Duke: Jimbo, I have a rough time dealing with fan negativity. I understand everyone is passionate about the team, but when the fans boo that is just unsportsmanlike. On the deep pass route to Henry, the ball landed out of play. Any fan understanding football knows that when the ball is thrown deep it is positioned so that only the receiver can catch the ball or it goes out of play. Let's also remember that the deep ball is also a low percentage pass. A couple of attendees (I can't call them fans) in my section started the negative stuff. I just don't understand, as the play of Marshall in the past four or five weeks has been spectacular. If you don't believe me just listen to the losing opposing coach in their post game comments. Every one of them praises Rasheed.

Jimbo: Duke, enough on the offense. Defense, where were you in the first half? All year long we have been singing songs and praises about this unit, but on Saturday you were not up to the test in the first half. The unit gave up close to 300 yards of total offense. I suspect the physical presence of a big man like Walter Washington had some influence, but some of the holes were huge. Maybe it's just me Duke, but when we play a spread offense it appears that our defense gives up huge running plays.

Duke: I think we need to give the defense a pass this week. I thought the long pass play where Washington spun around from blind pressure and located his receiver down field was luck. That being said, I believe that Temple deserves some credit. Washington, Ferguson, and Brown are nice players.

Finally, let's give the coaching staff and players a huge hand for eliminating the penalties. There were no unsportsmanlike penalties and only two penalties for six yards! Incredible!

Duke: Now for the Big Finish!

Duke: Since my freshman year at West Virginia in 1982, West Virginia University athletics meant four people, Coach Don Nehlen, Coach Gale Catlett, "The Voice of the Mountaineers" Jack Fleming, and Frank "Doc" Stevens. Doc Stevens passed away this week, but his influence will never be forgotten. No one was better at introductions than Doc. He coined the legendary phrase, "Let's bring on the Mountaineers!" Doc is also remembered for his introduction of the Pride. Nothing gets a Mountaineer fans more revved up than hearing the drum line tapping their sticks and the voice booming from the public address system: "And now, from the College of Creative Arts, on the campus of West Virginia University..." Nice job by the Pride and the Alumni Band for their combined tribute to Doc by playing Doc's favorite song Country Roads and spelling out "DOC" on the field at halftime. On the ride home MSN played a Tony Caridi and Doc Stevens conversation where Doc described his history with West Virginia. Nice job MSN! And finally, thank you Doc Stevens for all the memories.

Jimbo: Well said Duke! Now for my pet peeve of the week.

Why do fans cut through adjacent rows to go to the restrooms or concession stands? This really upsets fans just because our row is a little less crowded than your row. Why inconvenience another row? Bottom line, if you are in Row 12 exit that row.

Duke: As usual, the Homecoming Parade was awesome. The dance schools, the local middle bands, the University High band, the Morgantown High band, the Alumni Band and of course The Pride did fantastic job. It was also great to see a chemical engineering student as a candidate for homecoming queen! We always knew that chemical engineering students were among the brightest, but now they are also among the prettiest! Jimbo, did you know that I'm a chemical engineer?

Jimbo: Do you know how many chemical engineers it takes to change a light bulb? Duke, let's get past homecoming. I am so exited about this week's game against Boston College. I have been waiting for this group to come to Morgantown ever since they sold out for the ACC. ABC and the nation will be at our house! Let's have a great time, win with class, and bring home the Big East championship, baby!

Duke: Easy tough guy! I have one more observation. During the game the big screen always asks which song fans want the Pride to play. The winner is determined by the level of applause, loudest wins. Today the options were "Who Stole My Jell-O," by Bill Cosby, "Philadelphia," by Bruce Springsteen, and "Country Roads," by John Denver. Today there was some noise for "Who Stole My Jell-O." The question begs, if the fans in the unlikely case picked another song, would the Pride actually be prepared to play that song?

Jimbo: Duke, here is my observation, let's go 1 and 0 one more time. Beat Boston College!

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