Lambert Up For Grabs

The West Virginia - Boston College game will likely decide the Division 1A version of the Lambert Meadowlands Award.

The Mountaineers and Eagles, in addition to vying for the Big East title and a trip to a BCS bowl, will also be slugging it out for supremacy in the Lambert Awards.

WVU has held its position atop the chart for several weeks, while the Eagles vaulted back into the second spot after last week's games.

West Virginia (4) 8-1 40
Boston College6-2 36
Navy 7-230
Syracuse 5-4 29
Connecticut 5-3 20
Penn State 2-716
Rutgers 4-512
Temple 1-87

Established in 1936 as the "Lambert Trophy" to recognize supremacy in eastern college football, the award has since grown to recognize the best teams in the East in Divisions I-A, I-AA, II and III.

To be eligible for the Lambert Awards, a school must be located in the East or play half of its schedule against eligible Lambert teams. The territory includes New York, New Jersey, New England and Pennsylvania while teams in the bordering states of Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and the District of Columbia qualify if half of their schedule features eligible teams. Playoffs and bowl games are included in the polling.

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