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BlueGoldNews.com talked with College of San Mateo offensive coordinator Brett Pauley about WVU football recruit Jason Hardee.

"Blocking is probably his number one strength," said Pollack of Mountaineer commitment Jason Hardee. "He was probably our second best blocker overall, including all of the linemen."

At 6-4 and 270 pounds, Hardee already has the size to play in Division 1, but he will need a little reshaping to reach his maxium potential, accroding to his former coach.

"I'd like to see him at around 255 or so," Pollack analyzed. "That would give him the ability to get downfield a little better, but wouldn't hurt him in the blocking area. He hasn' t really been part of any formal weightlifting programs, so I'm anxious to see what he looks like after a year in a Division 1 strength program."

The reason for the lack of formal weight training isn't poor work ethic, but rather a case of overlapping sports. Hardee is also an accomplished basketball player who starred on his high school team. San Mateo doesn't field a hoop squad, so Hardee was allowed to play at San Mateo's sister school of Canada. (That's not to be confused with the country of Canada.)

The double duty, and the obvious limits on offseason training time, had Hardee's weight bouncing up and down, but from this point on his focus is all football, according to Pollack.

Jason Hardee
"Jason always wanted to play Division 1 football, but he didn't get any offers coming out of high school. His team didn't throw the ball at all, so he didn't get a lot of notice. He went to City Coolege of San Francisco as a freshman, but they tried to convert him to a tackle, and he didn't really like that."

Hardee's move to San Mateo proved a mutual fit, as the Bulldogs needed an inside receiving threat. Hardee's soft hands and basketball skills proved very valuable in San Mateo's multi-faceted attack.

"Sometimes, we'd just tell him to go down, post up the linebacker and we'd throw him the ball," laughed Pollack. "He uses his basketball skills very well on the football field. He shields defenders well when he's blocking, and uses his body effectively in pass routes."

Hardee is one of four players expected to enroll at WVU for the second semester. Defensive back Dwayne Mundle, lineman Jeremy Sheffey and tight end Caleb Cooper are also expected to be on campus on January 16th.

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