Comfort Zone

Having a coach from his home area puts this New Orleans native in the comfort zone during the recruiting process.

St Augustine High School's Selvish Capers has had West Virginia at the top of his list of schools for a while now, and part of the reason for that placement is undoubtedly his relationship with WVU running backs coach Calvin Magee.

Magee, who recruits Louisiana and parts of Florida for WVU, is a Crescent City native, and his familiarity with the region makes it easier for him to connect with the players he recruits from there.

"I feel like I can trust him better. I feel more comfortable with him, because he knows the area and he knows where I'm from," Capers said after returning from his official visit to West Virginia over the weekend. "He knows what the area is like and what the football is like. It just makes it easier."

Capers, a rangy tight end who had 13 catches for 263 yards and four touchdowns this year, put West Virginia atop his list earlier this fall, and the visit to the WVU campus did nothing to move the Mountaineers from that position.

"It was a good visit. The thing that stood out was the people. The coaching staff, the players, everyone I met was very nice," said the quiet Louisianan. "People were telling me that it would be boring, that there would be nothing to do there, but that was not the case. It was a nice town, and there were a lot of things to do there. It was more than I expected."

Capers, who was hosted by fellow city native Craig Wilson on his visit, laughed when asked how it compared to New Orleans.

"Well, it's obviously not as big as that," he chuckled, " but that is something I am looking for. I want to go somewhere where I don't have many distractions, and that's something New Orleans has a lot of."

Although West Virginia is clearly in the lead for the big tight end, he still plans to visit at least a couple of other schools before making his decision.

Capers has offers from Memphis and Southern Mississippi as well as West Virginia, and is waiting on one from the Razorbacks.

"I have a visit set up for Arkansas on January 22, and I want to visit Memphis too, said Capers. "But first, I need to improve my ACT score. I'm taking that again next weekend (12/10)."

Capers' unique first name is one that has been handed down through at least four generations of his family.

"Selvish is my father's name, and it was his grandfather's too," the latest Capers to bear that name related. "I don't know where it came from or if it has any special meaning, but it's mine now."

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