It's Time For A Checkup

It is time for Coach Catlett to reassess the basketball program.

West Virginia is on a collision course with a monumental season ending losing streak. I think most people can see now, after Jonathan Hargett sat out two games, that there are many more problems than just a freshman playing out of control.

I have a couple of thoughts:

1. Chris Moss should be suspended by Coach Catlett. The officials made a pitiful mistake by not kicking him out of the game after his complete loss of composure in the first half. Were this the first offense for Chris, I don't think suspension would necessarily be warranted, but this is not.

2. I really have to question the use of Jonathan Hargett in the Rutgers game on Sunday. It was great that he is able to come back so quickly from his surgery, but was getting him in this game so important? This game was merely a battle to position WVU to try to move out of the Big East cellar. Is that more important than a complete recovery and a healthy Jonathan for the future? I don't think so.

Hargett was obviously cleared by the medical staff to play, so it's not that Catlett was endangering his health by going against medical advice. But this point in the season it's a fair question, especially when Hargett returned a week ahead of schedule.

3. It is time to mortgage the present for the future. The young kids on the team must be prepared to play next season so as to avoid the type of problems we are experiencing this season. This means sitting down some upper classmen, and playing the freshmen more minutes. Even if it means we aren't as good on the floor.

4. I thought Hargett played pretty well considering he hadn't played or practiced in almost two weeks. He is still rushing things, but considering nobody else was doing anything, he certainly didn't make matters worse.

West Virginia is staring at losing every game from here on out. The schedule doesn't get any easier at this point. WVU will probably be a big underdog in every game with the exception of Virginia Tech.

I think it's time to use this season as a building block for next year. Forget the wins and losses, but work with the young players. Otherwise, we may be in the same boat next year.

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