North Carolina Star Finds A Home

Onetime Duke commitment Marquis Melvin had a "terrific visit" to West Virginia on the last weekend before Signing Day.

"Overall, it was a terrific visit. The facilities were beautiful," said Melvin, a 6-2, 200-pound defensive back. "West Virginia just has first class people, period, and that includes the coaches. We got a lot of one-on-one time with them.

"That's the one thing that stood out to me about West Virginia," he continued. "Other schools show you things about their campus on a screen or a slide show, but at West Virginia they take you around and talk to you about everything. They do a great job of describing everything, and they are straight up with you. They tell you like it is."

Melvin liked his visit and the people so much that he committed to the Mountaineers before returning home Sunday evening. He had originally committed to Duke before some problems with the admissions process put him back into the recruiting game, admitted to a bit of frustration after thinking that he had the process behind him. However, showing a patience far beyond the reach of many high schoolers, he philosophically accepted the change and looked for the good to come out of it.

"It was sort of frustrating at first, but things happen for a reason," said Melvin, who will begin his West Virginia career as a cornerback. "I think that now, at this point this is the best thing that could have happened to me."

While Melvin was impressed with most everything on his visit to the WVU campus, two individuals stood out.

"Coach Stewart is one of the best guys you could ever meet," Melvin said of his recruiting coach. "He is awesome. When he came down to meet my family, the thought he was a classy guy. He is just a nice guy overall, and the type of guy you want to surround yourself with. You wouldn't want to play for anyone else. And on the spiritual side, Danny Buggs, who runs the Fellowship of Christian Athletes there, was a great inspiration."

Melvin, who is currently right at the 200-pound mark, will begin his career at the boundary corner. He certainly has the size to play that position, which requires run support duties as well as coverage skills, but another growth spurt or two might push him to a different spot.

"Right now, West Virginia wants to play me at a boundary corner, which is fine. But if I grow to 215 pounds, well there's not too many cornerbacks that size," Melvin said with a laugh. "I like playing corner, and if I can gain weight and keep my time at 4.4 then I could stay there, but if not, I can move. Wherever they would like to play me, I'll go.

"I don't want to redshirt, so if I go and work hard I think I have a chance to play. The thing I like is that the coaches say they say they will give everyone a chance and play the best guy."

Those comments echo Melvin's strengths, which are rooted in a strong work ethic. Where many players list speed or strength as their primary skills, Melvin takes a slightly different path.

"I go hard every play," Melvin said after pondering the question for a few moments. "I bring hard work to the field. I am a tenacious defender, and I just like to play."

Melvin, who plans to major in the education field, has been an All-Waccamaw Conference pick every year since the ninth grade. He was co-defensive player of the year as a sophomore, and the repeated as defensive player of the year as a junior.

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