Bender Looking For New School

Last week, forward Brandon Bender left the Louisville basketball team due to differences with the coaching staff.

That departure raised immediate questions about Bender and the possibility that he might transfer to West Virginia. WVU finished second in the recruiting battle for Bender, and likely would have won it had Denny Crum remained the coach at Louisville.

With Bender now looking for a school, WVU is back in the picture. The Mountaineers have to abide by NCAA rules, so any contact has to be initiated by Bender. However, West Virginia is expected to be one of the schools that Bender seriously considers.

Charlotte is also a possible destination for the talented big man, who was suspended twice by Louisville head coach Rick Pitino during his brief stay with the Cardinals.

According to one inside observer, Bender still has tremendous potential.

"I think that Bender, given the right circumstances, can help someone. He and Louisville got off on the wrong foot and it didn't lead to a happy marriage. The bottom line is this: getting away from home will probably do him good and he's attractive to schools because of his size. In the right place, he's a young man who can make a difference."

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