Beating Pitt

If there's anything better than beating Pitt, I'm not sure I've found it.

Beating Pitt is better than:

- Hot fudge sundaes with double fudge

- Finding $20 in your pants pocket that you didn't know was there

- Getting a new DVD burner for Christmas

How do I know this? Because all these things have happened to me this year. So I would know.

Beating Pitt when they are ranked 18th in the country is better than:

- Getting a new Compact Flash card for my camera from my inlaws, when I was expecting socks

- Beating Florida in Charleston in a game set up to be a local hero's homecoming

- Waiting for all the whiplash cases at local hospitals that will surely result from many media pundits who had buried the Mountaineers in recent weeks

Again, I speak from experience.

Beating Pitt twice in 18 days, both times coming back from double-digit deficits to drive a stake through their hearts is better than:

- Watching all the baiters on our message boards turn tail and run

- Seeing how many different ways you can make word plays on Kevin Pittsnogle's surname after his second straight demolition of the Panthers

- Sex

Well, maybe not that last. But if not, it's darn close.

Kevin is the publisher of, and a contributiing photographer and writer for the Blue & Gold News. He has not been able to sleep since WVU completed its basketball season sweep of Pitt.

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