It's Here

The day people have been waiting for across the nation is here - it's Waitangi Day!

That's right - the national day of celebration in New Zealand that commemorates the Treaty of Waitangi in 1840. Waitangi Day, which has not been without controversy, pays tribute to the treaty signed between native Maori tribes of New Zealand and the colonizing British.

Oh, you say it's national letter of intent (LOI) day for Division 1 football in the United States? You're right there too, but we couldn't help being struck by the parallels between these two days.

First, they are both surrounded in controversy. Debate in New Zealand over the status, importance and effects of the Treaty of Waitangi have been raging for decades.

The same is true of LOI day here in the us. Thousands of college football fans will debate exactly the same issues over their school signing lists, defections, and additions.

Waitangi Day started out as a low key event, but has gradually mushroomed over the years into a much bigger celebration that has tired to encompass the entire nation.

Need we point out that recruiting has followed much the same path? We spend more time, with less concrete results, on recruiting than anything else. It can be frustrating to write profile after profile, only to see them disappear into the shredder.

There's a great deal of debate about the futures of both days as well. The New Zealand government and the many cultures that make up the country have had heated clashes over the scope of Waitangi Day and what it should involve. The same is true of the NCAA and University presidents, who have long struggled to create and enforce rules for recruiting, and who are still debating changes in its makeup.

We hope this little feature has brought you a couple of minutes of enjoyment as we wait to get the official word on WVU's football class of 2002.

We'll have our analysis of the class and how it fits WVU's needs later today. You can find out more about each signee in the next couple of editions of the Blue & Gold News, where we'll have exclusive commentary that you won't find anywhere else.

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