Day Two Practice Report

Warmer temperatures greeted West Virginia on Day two of spring drills, and the Mountaineer coaching staff took advantage of the better weather to work on the passing game.

The short passing game received a great deal of work on Tuesday, with wide receivers, tight ends and running backs all getting in to the action. Curls, swings and flare patterns gave everyone the chance to show their abilities as quarterbacks Dwayne Thompson and Pat White ran the first and second team offenses.

Thompson ran with the first team, which included wide recievers Rayshawn Bolden, Joe Hunter and Brandon Myles. Chris Malamet, Louis Davis and Mike Villagrana shared time at tight end, while Brad Palmer continued to fill the "H-Back" role, running some plays from tight end and others while lined up as a fullback.

As Rodriguez indicated on Monday, the pace of installation was slowed during the workout, which was conducted in shorts and without pads. Most of the plays and drills were basic in nature, as the staff attempts to bring along a squad that appears to be long on talent but short on game experience.


Several of the young wideouts have gotten noticeably bigger in the weight room. Tito Gonzalez and Dorrell Jalloh are two of the redshirt freshmen who have put on a good bit of size since last season.

That doesn't mean the wideouts are ready to dominate games, however. There were several drops among the receiving corps, which is probably to be expected from a young, unproved group looking to catch the coaches' eyes.

The defense featured Craig Wilson, Ernest Hunter and Keilein Dykes on the first defensive line, with Johnny Dingle, Warren Young and Andrae Wright in the second group. Mike Dent, Doug Slavonic and Kevin Burke made up the third unit. Pat Liebig, who apparently suffered an injury on Monday, was in red today and did not participate.

* * *

The linebacking corps consisted of Jay Henry (Mike) Boo McLee (Rob) and Jeff Noechel (Lou)on the first team, and Marc Magro. Steve Hathaway and Mortty Ivy on the second. Dee McCann and Anthony Mims were first group corners, with Larry Williams and Antonio Lewis behind them. Ridwan Malik and Mike Lorello were the first team bandit and spur, backed up by Akeem Jackson and Eric Wicks. Jahmile Addae and Abraham Jones held dow the free safety spot. L.J. Montinar, while wearing a regular jersey, did not participate in some drills.

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