Makeup Day

The Mountaineer football team made up a cancelled practice from earlier in the spring on Tuesday afternoon.

Working in just shorts and helmets, WVU completed the 13th practice of the spring on a gray day in Morgantown. Just two workouts - Wednesday's full pad session and Saturday's Gold-Blue game, remain.

With the lack of padding, the session was devoted to individual skill development and passing work. Team pass, both offense and defense, and seven on seven skeleton drills, dominated the latter half of the workout. During those periods, Vaughn Rivers had a handful of nice catches, while Travis McClintic had a diving catch on the sidelines.

"Everyone wants to compare him to Pennington, but I told him Pennington made a diving catch every day in practice," head coach Rich Rodriguez joked of McClintic's catch, before turning his attention to Rivers. "From what I have seen the past two days Vaughn is probably not going to move back [to defensive back]," Rodrigues said. It looks like a permanent move to me."

Quarterback Dwayne Thompson had one of his better days of the spring, throwing the ball accurately and completing some deep out patterns.

The big problem of the spring, and one which will hinder the Gold-Blue game, is the availability of offensive linemen. With Dan Mozes, Jeremy Sheffey and Travis Garrett sidelined for most or all of the spring, things were bad enough, but Jake Figner (mono), Zac Napier (concussion) and Mike Dent (knww) will also likely miss Saturday's game. That leaves just eight linemen for the contest - not even enough to fill two teams.

"We'll probably go less than 100 plays, Rodriguez said of the Gold-Blue game, "and try to put guys in pressure situations and see if they can perform with a little bit of a crowd."

Fullback Owen Schmitt was in a green (limited activity) on Tuesday as well.


"There won't be a definite two deep coming out of spring," Rodriguez said when asked to name his first two teams. "I couldn't give you one until the first two weeks of August practice."

* * *

Adam Bednarik made the first throws of his rehab with some tosses with a tennis ball on Monday.

"The trainers have him on a program, and in about three weeks he should be able to start throwing a ball," Rodriguez said.

* * *

The kicking game likely won't be featured during the spring game either, as a lone battered walkon comprises the placekicking corps.

"We've done some field goal and extra point work, but we have one walkon kicker right now, Colby James, and he's a little banged up," Rodriguez explaine. "Phil Brady volunteered to kick, but after going 0-3 on extra points we'll probably keep him at punter. Mike Lorello is the only guy that has made one in the last two weeks."

Lorello, of course, is WVU's starting spur who is sitting out this spring after recovering from post-Gator Bowl surgery. He put on some old soccer shoes and made one kick after a couple of misses during an earlier practice.

* * *

As might be expected, the installation of the offense is slanted toward the running game at this point.

"The run game is pretty much all in, but we probably only have half of what we would normally put in the pass game," Rodriguez said.

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