WVU Hoops Sinks Deeper Into Oblivion

The Mountaineer men's basketball team put on an All-Star performance in their 89-76 loss to Notre Dame Wednesday night in South Bend.

Unfortunately, it wasn't an All-Star performance full of great plays and outstanding effort. Instead, it was an All-Star defensive effort. As in "they don't play any defense in All-Star games."

WVU offered almost no opposition to Notre Dame's offensive attack as the Irish shot almost 50% from the field for the game. Notre Dame penetrated the Mountaineer defense at will for inside shots, threw one or two passes to produce wide open three point chances, and generally toyed with West Virginia throughout the contest.

The embarrassing defensive performance was spotlighted by a staggering 28 assists for Notre Dame. The Irish made 35 baskets in the contest, which meant that four out of every five Notre Dame field goals was preceeded by a pass that led directly to the field goal.

Another galling sight for anyone who likes defense was the picture of power forward Ryan Humphrey dribbling right down the middle of WVU's porous full court press to create a three on one fast break. That was only one of many fast breaks and unopposed hoops for Notre Dame, which scored several unopposed baskets in transition.

WVU never seriously threatened during the game due to their lack of defensive play. The Mountaineers did manage to cut the gap to five points late in the first half, but a quick Notre Dame run pushed the halftime lead back out to ten points.

The Mountaineers did show some offensive spark during the contest. Guards jonathan Hargett and Drew Schifino had 15 points each, and Josh Yeager chipped in 14. Chris Moss and Chaz Briggs each had ten points to give WVU five players in double figures.

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