Final Day of Practice In the Books

With plenty of players in green and red, the Mountaineers were limited personell-wise on Wednesday. Those who did play got a chance to show what they could do.

The Mountaineers ran through their normal practice one more time without much difference, save for the fact that they were in shells (shoulder pads and shorts.)

"We did a lot of situational stuff today because we had a lot of guys hurt, particularly on offense, and we couldn't get into any rhythm," said head coach Rich Rodriguez of Wednesday's practice. "It was good work. I think the effort and the intensity was pretty good, and I think we made some strides.

"We made more individual strides than we did group strides, but we've got a lot of time before we play a game," Rodriguez explained.

One player who was impressive today was walk-on receiver John Allevato, who ran with the second-team. Pat White found Allevato a number of times during the two-minute drill and Allevato got to the sidelines to stop the clock. On the final play of practice, Allevato caught a touchdown on a fade route from White. Vaughn Rivers also continued to impress from his new spot in the "Y" receiver slot.

Some of Rivers's fellow receivers on the first team seemed more determined to try and make a big play, and thus ran out of time instead of running out of bounds during the two minute drill. All in all it was not a good day for the passing game, as several balls were overthrown, underthrown, and dropped throughout practice.

"We still have a ways to go as far as establishing our quarterback and receiver positions, but that can be expected because we don't have a lot of experience there," said the fifth-year head coach.

In blocking drills, the coaches worked with running backs and tight ends to pick up linebackers blitzing from all gaps and angles. Brad Palmer showed his versatility by picking up blitzers from all angles at both tight end and fullback.

During line on line blocking drills, Craig Wilson continued to show quickness from the defensive end spot, and Ernest Hunter used his strength at defensive tackle to break through the line.

After practice, Rodriguez singled out some of the young lineman that have had solid springs.

"I'm really pleased with our freshmen lineman. I think Ryan Stancheck, Chris Bassler, and John Bradshaw have gotten better."

On the injury front, Owen Schmitt was wearing the green limited contact jersey today. Pernell Williams was shaken up during the two-minute drill, but returned to the backfield by the end of practice.

With tomorrow and Friday off, the Mountaineers will next take the field during Saturday's Gold-Blue scrimmage.

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