"Best Defensive Player In the Draft"

It was no surprise to Gary Wichard that former Mountaineer Adam "PacMan" Jones was the first defensive player taken in the NFL Draft. In this exclusive interview with BlueGoldNews.com, Wichard reveals the reasons Jones blew by Antrel Rolle to be not only the first corner, but the first defensive player, selected in the draft.

When Wichard, Jones' agent, sat down with Tennessee Titans G.M. Floyd Reese before the draft, he told Reese to hold up his finger and thumb an inch and a half apart. After Reese complied, Wichard asked, "What difference does that make in determining if you are the best football player?"

When Reese indicated it wasn't much, Wichard then asked, "Who was the best player you saw on film?" Reese's unhesitant answer was "Pac Man, by far."

That was apparently enought to make the Titans pick Jones in front of Antrel Rolle as the first defensive player, and sixth overall, in the 2005 NFL Draft.

"Everything happened the way we hoped," Wichard said. "It wasn't a surprise to me. That was our goal, ever since some people had Rolle ahead of Pac. I guess that the height thing kept some people off of him, but at the end of the day, logic prevailed. He has everything you need to be successful. He can cover, defend, tackle and return kicks. It sounds simple, but when you're dealing with logic, that's what matters. Pac did everything he needed to do, and that's why he was the first defensive pick of the draft. He's the best defensive player available."

Wichard, who also reps wide receiver Andre Dyson in addition to several other NFL players and prospects, had already bundled Jones onto a flight for Tennessee by late afternoon. Although he hadn't begun talking contract numbers yet, last year's number six pick, former Miami Hurricane and current Cleveland Brown Kellen Winslow Jr., received a signing bonus in the neighborhood of $10 million, a figure that Wichard will probably use as a starting point in negotiations with the Titans.

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