Close To Home

It wasn't basketball, but rather hearth and home, that led Luke Bonner to transfer, according to Mountaineer head coach John Beilein.

"Luke's decision was not based on basketball. He wanted to play closer to home," head coach John Beilein said about the big freshman's decision to leave the Mountaineer program. "I have talked to him over the past couple of days about the decision, but there are times you have to let it go and move forward."

Bonner had not expressed any unhappiness with the program or his playing status, according to the head coach, who could potentially be without two centers next fall if Kevin Pittsnogle were to remain in the NBA Draft. Should that occur, the Mountaineers would enter the season with only transfer Robert Summers in the pivot.

"Obviously, our center would have to be Rob," Beilein said. "A backup is what we would have to try to find in the months ahead."

As is typically the case, Beilein looked at tghe positives of the situation.

"We have been able to attract very good transfers every year. There can be an upside to it for both Luke and ourselves."

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