Camping To Impress

Palm Beach Lakes offensive lineman Jeremy Baker has received one offer to date, and is hoping his summer camp season will result in more scholarships from BCS-conference schools.

"I've gotten an offer from Florida International, but several other schools are interested," Baker said as he prepared to begin the summer camp season. "I'm going to a camp at South Carolina, and then I'm going up to West Virginia on the 19th, and then I'll be at a Rutgers camp down in Florida. I am going to work hard at the camps, and I hope that when those schools see what I have, they will offer. I went to West Virginia's camp last year, and they told me to keep working and I could earn an offer."

In addition to the Mountaineers and Gamecocks, Baker is also interested in North Carolina State and South Florida, and that interest is mutual. Schools are intrigued by Baker's big frame (6-5, 320 lbs.), as well as with his improving mobility (5.3 in his latest 40-yard dash at Nike camp).

"I'm playing tackle in high school, but I want to be a guard in college," Baker said. "I think that position is the best for me, and it's what I'm working for."

WVU has a couple of advantages in Baker's mind, and were the Mountaineers to offer it seems reasonably clear that they would be his favorite.

"When I was up there last year, I really liked the town and the campus," said Baker, who doesn't like a lot of hustle and bustle. "I'm not a big party guy, and I liked the small town atmosphere there."

Also adding to WVU's ledger is the presence of two of Baker's former teammates, Jarrett Brown and Jetavious Best. Both are scheduled to come to WVU in mid-June to begin preparing for their collegiate careers, but while they are in Florida they have been talking a great deal with Baker about WVU.

"I talk with both of them a lot about West Virginia," Baker admitted. "I am really pushing for West Virginia."

Baker, who uses his size to great advantage in run blocking, says he is also a solid pass blocker. After performing in front of Brown and Best last year, he obviously has experience in both offensive phases, and is ready to show it on the summer camping trail.

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