Looking North

The "Sunshine State" produces many athletes and this year is no different. One of those athletes checks in with his thoughts and gives some insight as to where West Virginia stacks up amoung his favorites.

Players from Florida are often known for there speed, athleticism, and confidence, and defensive back DeAndre Morgan (5'11", 160, 4.26) is no different. We were able to spend some time with Morgan and get a good feel for his recruitment and how things are looking from his perspective.

"I have offers from West Virginia, NC State, Clemson, Ole Miss, Syracuse, Purdue, Rutgers, Wake Forest, Vanderbilt, Temple, South Florida, Akron, and Miami (Ohio)."

Morgan lists his favorites as; West Virginia, NC State, Wake Forest, Clemson, Ole Miss, and Miami (FL).

Morgan checks in with some thoughts on his favorites;

West Virginia - "I started following them when everyone was talking about Pac Man. I like their defense a lot because they put their corners on an island and give them a chance to play one on one. And I think it's a great fit for me academically as well. I plan on taking an official visit there."

North Carolina State - "My brother plays there now so there a part of me that would like to play with him and be in the same defensive backfield. Their defensive style fits me as well, because they are aggressive but they replaced their defensive coordinator from last year. So that concerns me a bit."

Wake Forest - "Their recruiting coordinator came down to see me and was very genuine, I liked that and that is the reason I am considering Wake Forest, I think by treating people like that will make you a winner."

Ole Miss - "I have talked to every coach, and they have written me hand written letters and it's obvious that they care about me as a person and not just a player. If they didn't care they would not be talking to my parents as much as they do."

Clemson - "Great program, they have had a lot of success and I started following them when they recruited my older brother, and I have thought a lot about them as well."

Miami (FL) - "Grew up being a fan, if they offered I would commit on the spot, it's my dream school. But I am not going to wait for them, if they want me they will find me, I am only focusing on the schools that have made a commitment to me."

"I want to be at a school that will compete for a National title and I think all the schools on my favorites list can and will compete for a title."

Morgan has camped at Miami (FL), NC State, Clemson, Rutgers, Wake Forest, and Florida this summer.

"After I take my visits after the season I will make my decision, I will take all of my visits. I want to make sure I learn everything I need to know about all the schools that offered me."

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