Now What?

The reasons don't really matter. The fact is that Bob Huggins isn't coming home to his alma mater. As a result, WVU will be searching for a head basketball coach among what will be perceived as second tier candidates.

In reality, the coaches that WVU is looking at as Plan B have very good resumes. Candidates that could be under consideration include Jeff Lebo of Tennessee Tech, Bruce Weber of Southern Illinois, Dan Dakich of Bowling Green and Tim Floyd, formerly of Iowa State.

However, no matter how impressive the list of possibilities, there's no doubt that Mountaineer fans will view these coaches as a step down from the holy grail that was Huggins.

A further concern is how the team, or what's left of it, will react. With little camaraderie left from last year's dysfunctional squad, and some players in a wait and see mode regarding the coaching change, a huge rebuilding task awaits whoever finally ends up with the job at West Virginia.

Finally, how much of the excellent commitment in support will remain for the new coach? Of course, the expected salary won't be as high, but will the plane service for recruiting remain? Will the commitment for upgraded assistant salaries and charter road flights still be funded? Those are items that have to be kept on the table if West Virginia hopes to resurrect its abysmal basketball program. Can it be done?

One thing is certain - if they are not, you may not have yet seen the lowest depths to which a program can sink.

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