News and Notes Wrapup

An all-in-one hot list of news, notes and quotes from West Virginia's opening practice sessions.

  • There were no major injuries in the first two practices. Some players got tight while running the 10 110-yard dashes WVU conducts at the end of practices.

  • Two of the most impressive freshmen, to the coaches' surprise, have been Scott Macerelli, whose dad, Jeff, was an excellent linebacker at WVU, and Jack Crow (Weirton), both walk-ons. Wideout Jeremy Bruce has also increased his time, and could well get on the field this fall.

    "If Bruce keeps progressing, he will definitely play this year, particularly in the first game against Syracuse," Rodriguez said.

  • West Virginia awarded the first practice players of the day on Monday. Brandon Myles (offense), Antonio Lewis and Dwayne Mundle (defense) and Pat McAfee (special teams) took first day honors after coaches viewed film.

  • Dee McCann has a dislocated finger, but had it immediately popped back in. The cornerback continued to practice.

    Rich Rodriguez on...

    Dan Mozes:

    "Danny just loves to play. That's the attitude that rubs off on a lot of guys. When we run sprints, even at the end he is making them easy. Here is a guy, 290 pounds that bench presses 400-and-some and has worked his tail off. Still, at the end he has energy. He is one of the leaders on the entire team, not just up front. Dan is not a quiet guy. The O-line follows him better than anybody because he is vocal. He is so consistent week-in and week-out. I would be disappointed if he is not one of the best guards in the Big East, at least. But I hate to pat someone too much on the backside, because you know what happens: They mess in your hand."

    Junior Dwayne Mundle, originally recruited as a running back:

    "I think we found the right spot for him at outside linebacker. I think he feels comfortable there. We were wondering if he could play here. He had some ability. But based on what he did in the spring and in the last days for us, we think he has a spot on defense and special teams."

    Jason Gwaltney dropping from a July weight of 245 pounds to his WVU playing weight of 230 or less:

    "He'll feel better (at 230 lbs.). In his high school they had 11 in the box -- his 11 and their 11. It was like playing in a closet. He'd just mash over them. It's a little different playing in the spread."

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