Depth Chart Indecision

The end of fall camp is typically the time that head coach Rich Rodriguez runs down his depth chart, but after a lackluster wrap-up to the two weeks, the fifth-year head coach was reluctant to do so.

"I didn't think practice was that good. I thought it was kind of average," he summed up. "Not all bad and not all good – somewhere in between. We had a couple turnovers and a few more penalties – holding and procedure penalties, so that wasn't good."

Dure to the lackluster nature of the scrimmage, and some shaky performances, not to mention absences, by those competing for spots, the depth chart laid out by Rodriguez is by no means the one that will be in place when the Mountaineers travel to Syracuse in two weeks.

"The two-deep is normally set, and I know I told you it would be set, but I have more questions about the two-deep now than I did yesterday," Rodriguez said with a frown. "I wanted it to clear up today, and it became more cloudy – kind of like the weather. I wanted it to be sunny, and it became cloudy. The two-deep was the same way – it got cloudier."

Rodriguez was also hoping to narrow down the numbers for his travel squad for the Syracuse game, but the range of players in competition for that group became murkier as well.

"I counted this morning 80-some guys I was considering for the travel squad," Rodriguez said. "It could be as many as 82 or as few as 50. I could maybe get a smaller plane, but we might have to get a bigger one. We'll have to figure it out pretty quick.

"You could have been at practice today, and there's no way you could have figured out the two-deep," Rodriguez lamented. "I couldn't before, and I certainly couldn't after."

Although some conferences have rules on the number of players that can travel, the Big East has no such limit, Rodriguez said. However, practicality suggests that he will take no more than 65-70 players on the season-opening road trip.

With battles looming at several positions, Rodriguez listed several spots, such as quarterback, running back and cornerback where the depth chart is unsettled.

"I'm glad I wasn't taking Vioxx," he joked.

The depth chart is expected to remain fluid. Rodriguez indicated that changes could occur after he reviews the film of Saturday's scrimmage.

"Ask me again Monday, and it might be very different," he said.

Current Depth Chart

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